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My rates (excluding any current promotions) for U.S. Callers are
$2.00 per minute with a 10-minute minimum.

Call Me, NATALIE, at - 1-866-372-6595

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit or debit cards.
We also accept VISA/MC/AMEX Gift Cards.


All charges appear discreetly on your credit card statement as:
"Symmetry Concepts - 1-866-995-7474"

We also accept money orders; please call
for more information & the mailing address.

Callers from Canada and the United Kingdom are welcome at a flat rate of
$3.50 per minute. 10 minute minimum still applies.

No Connection Fees & No Hidden Fees.
Welcome to my cuckold phone sex website! 

As you can probably guess, my name is Natalie.  I am a lifestyle cuckoldress living a fabulously kinky life in suburbia.  I have such a craving for big cock that I simply refused to give it up when I got married.  And though, unlike a lot of other cuckolding wives, I actually care for and love my husband very much - he simply just does not have what it takes to satisfy me.  Prime pussy demands prime cock after all.

In fact, he comes up very short so to speak and I haven't had sex with him for years.  Don't worry, he gets his thrills from watching me get mine. He has grown quite fond of my wet, sloppy creampie pussy and loves to go down on me.  That's not all he does as he has become a full and total cuckold - which yes, includes sucking cock for me and serving my lovers and me.  We practice a bit of feminization and sissification from time to time, have dabbled in cock control and chastity, humiliation, impregnation fantasies and of course he has turned out to be one very good little cocksucking fluffer boy for me.  I currently have three regular lovers in my big cock rotation and am always on the prowl for the next.  My husband is such a good cuckold he often serves as cock scout for me.  He really does love being my cuckolded pet.

I specialize in cuckold roleplays, sensual to strict domination, cock control and chastity training, sissy boys, cocksuckers, gloryhole lovers, impregnation, humiliation, hardcore fantasies, strapon sex, anal play, forced bisexual fantasies, kinky sex, swinging, creampies, big black cock fantasies, body worship, ass licking, little dick and small penis phone sex and also enjoy discussing the cuckold lifestyle with men involved in a cuckold relationship or those that crave one. 

I am very open-minded, intelligent, quick witted, engaging and incredibly naughty and nasty.  I'm a very dirty lady and I'm open to any and all taboo phone sex fun.  I enjoy steady phone sex companions and ongoing roleplays as well as "one night stands" - so if you're in the mood for a quickie or are looking for a more long term experience, I'm definitely open to either and think both are wonderful.
Cuckold Phonesex with Natalie -
I am generally available weekdays from around 7am to 6pm Eastern with varying weekend hours and some late nights, but please feel free to try me anytime.   When I am available, I answer the phone myself.  If I am unavailable or taking another call, your call will be answered by our lovely hostess who will be happy to assist you.  Lastly, like any other girl, I enjoy being pampered, spoiled and appreciated and am always very pleased and thankful when you take the time to let me know I've given you a pleasurable experience as I always do my best to ensure your satisfaction.  If you wish, you may email me to ask a question or set up a call - I try to answer all emails promptly.

Thanks for visiting my website - now call me and let's have some fun!
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